About us

We are a couple and live in Northern California.

My name is Germán Herrera, I am a visual artist and designer, my wife Nayana is a herbalist with a knack for administration and cats.

We have a soft spot for t-shirts, love the comfort of wearing them and enjoy creating designs.
We like visual language, to express ideas, to transmit what’s in our mind, through something as ubiquitous as a t-shirt. Ideas that may, or may not, start a conversation, but they go out into the world, a message in a bottle.

We also like to have fun with form and color, just because!

Like many people on this beautiful earth, we envision the possibility of a better world, of kinder ways of treating each other, of ethical leadership.

We are environmentally and socially conscious and source our products and fabrics from ethical brands. Our suppliers comply to labor, environmental and safety standards. We distribute worldwide and take pride in the quality of our products.

Please feel free to send us a note! send us a note!